Chiropractic for Headaches

Headache is one of the most common illnesses in Australia, with around 15 per cent of us taking painkillers for a headache at any given time.
Because headaches are so common, most people think they are a normal part of life. However, a persistent headache is a sign that something is wrong. The continual use of pain medication to combat headaches is akin to removing the warning light that alerts you to a problem in your car! Medication doesn’t solve your headache, it simply offers a short term solution to dull the pain.
Types of Headache Tension headaches and migraine are the most common forms of headache and cluster headaches are most rare. Other types of headache include sinus headache, rebound headache and exertion headache.
Causes of Headache Headaches can result due to a variety of reasons including stress, poor posture, accidents, medications, environmental factors such as strong odours & pollution and dietary irregularities.
Perhaps one of the most overlooked cause of migra…

Caulfield Family Chiropractic

Pursue Perfect Form. Passionately. For nearly 10 years, Caulfield Family Chiropractic has been helping  patients in the inner-city suburbs in and around caulfield. Our Caulfield chiropractors are Australian trained and join the ranks of the best chiropractors in the world. A passion for health and real-world experience is our way of life. It’s apparent in our dedicated clinic, interactive education, and the unique clinical experiences and clerkships available to each chiropractic patient. This is the Caulfield Family Chiropractic difference. As a patient in the Caulfield Family Chiropractic Clinic, you will obtain real and practical advice — from the health and wellness workshops we run, to one of the many diagnostic tools we embrace.  Our Caulfield Family Chiropractic health centre is a clinics providing care for the caulfield population and families. You will be exposed to the latest evidence-informed and clinically relevant chiropractic care, prepared to meet the needs of every pa…

Australians that suffers with neck pain

f you are one of the many Australians that suffers with neck pain, you will be pleased to know that our proven Chiropractic approach may offer the solution you have been searching for.
One out of ten of us will have neck pain at some time in our life. In most cases it is not due to a serious disease or neck problem and often the exact cause for the pain is not clear. Most are probably due to minor sprains or bad posture. This comes as no surprise when we consider the activities of modern life such as sitting in front of a computer, watching prolonged periods of television and an increasing incidence of poor posture – particularly forward head posture.
Problems within the neck can also cause headache, shoulder pain, TMJ or jaw pain, pins and needles in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain.
We encourage you to contact us for a thorough assessment with one of our Chiropractors if you regularly experience any of the following,:
In the am you may wake up with a sore neck Rev…



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5 Mistakes Salespeople Make that lead to injury

1. Standing on the spot all day long If your sales job requires being on your feet all day long then it is important to stay moving. Walking moves every joint in the spine, and helps to maintain a healthy range of motion and promote healing. Standing still on the spot for too long will cause the spine to fatigue, making it stiff and achy after a while.

2. Sitting for too long Here we have the opposite problem to above. Many sales jobs these days require lots of computer and phone use. Whether it’s sending invoices, communicating with clients or calling potential buyers, you may find yourself stuck behind a desk for hours on end. Sadly, this sedentary position doesn’t do many favours to our spine, and will often result in a poor, slouched posture. If this sounds like you, it’s important to take ‘micro breaks’ every half hour. Stand up and stretch, pace around the room or do some star jumps.

3.Poor choice of footwear Anyone who has worked a day in sales knows how important appearances are…

Ice Vs heat