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Is ice or heat better for injuries

It’s hard to get through life without straining a muscle, spraining a ligament, suffering a headache or doing your back. And the longer you’re on the planet, the more susceptible you are to arthritis. When something hurts, will ice or heat make it feel better? Here’s what Caulfield Family Chiropractic advises: Sports injuries: “Ice seems cold, mean and uncomfortable. Heat seems warm, comfy and cozy,” says Dr Stacy Budlender (Chiropractor). “Ice wins for acute pain, inflammation and swelling. Heat perpetuates the cycle of inflammation and can be harmful.”Dr Jake Bright (Chiropractor) adds “Moist heat helps to loosen injured muscles before activity or stretching. Icing afterward can minimize pain.” Headaches: “Cold masks or wraps over the forehead, eyes and temples help the throbbing pain of a migraine,” Ice is preferred, but heat wraps can halt neck spasms that contribute to headache. Arthritis: Heat wins for arthritis and