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5 Mistakes Salespeople Make that lead to injury

1. Standing on the spot all day long If your sales job requires being on your feet all day long then it is important to stay moving. Walking moves every joint in the spine, and helps to maintain a healthy range of motion and promote healing. Standing still on the spot for too long will cause the spine to fatigue, making it stiff and achy after a while. 2. Sitting for too long Here we have the opposite problem to above. Many sales jobs these days require lots of computer and phone use. Whether it’s sending invoices, communicating with clients or calling potential buyers, you may find yourself stuck behind a desk for hours on end. Sadly, this sedentary position doesn’t do many favours to our spine, and will often result in a poor, slouched posture. If this sounds like you, it’s important to take ‘micro breaks’ every half hour. Stand up and stretch, pace around the room or do some star jumps. 3.Poor choice of footwear Anyone who has worked a day in sales knows how impor