5 Mistakes Salespeople Make that lead to injury

1. Standing on the spot all day long
If your sales job requires being on your feet all day long then it is important to stay moving. Walking moves every joint in the spine, and helps to maintain a healthy range of motion and promote healing. Standing still on the spot for too long will cause the spine to fatigue, making it stiff and achy after a while.

2. Sitting for too long
Here we have the opposite problem to above. Many sales jobs these days require lots of computer and phone use. Whether it’s sending invoices, communicating with clients or calling potential buyers, you may find yourself stuck behind a desk for hours on end. Sadly, this sedentary position doesn’t do many favours to our spine, and will often result in a poor, slouched posture. If this sounds like you, it’s important to take ‘micro breaks’ every half hour. Stand up and stretch, pace around the room or do some star jumps.

3.Poor choice of footwear
Anyone who has worked a day in sales knows how important appearances are. The suit, dress tie and shoes all need to look professional. Sadly, ‘professional’ looking dress shoes and high-heels generally aren’t the best for your poor feet. This often leads to a lack of arch support in the feet, which can go on and lead to all kinds issues including foot, knee, hip or back pain. If you are required to wear un-supportive dress shows at work, then you would likely benefit from a set of custom orthotics for your dress shoes. These will give your feet and arches more support, doing wonders for your body.

We all know how stressful sales can be. Losing a client, preparing for a big sale, end of financial year taxes etc. Stress is one of the single biggest health issues in today’s society, causing or contributing to virtually all health problems. For this reason, it’s important to do activities that de-stress you. Take time to spend time with friends, enjoy a hobby, read a book or watch a movie. It might not help you with an annoying client but I guarantee you’ll feel much better!

5.Drink more water
This is a common problem for most workers, especially during winter when it’s not as hot. Humans need around 2L of water per day for ideal hydration. If you are dehydrated, this will affect your ability to heal and make you more susceptible to injury.

At CfChiro , we see patients who work in sales regularly. We pride ourselves on finding the cause of a patient’s problem, help fix that problem and then showing the patient not to reproduce it.


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