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Australians that suffers with neck pain

f you are one of the many Australians that suffers with neck pain , you will be pleased to know that our proven Chiropractic approach may offer the solution you have been searching for. One out of ten of us will have neck pain at some time in our life. In most cases it is not due to a serious disease or neck problem and often the exact cause for the pain is not clear. Most are probably due to minor sprains or bad posture. This comes as no surprise when we consider the activities of modern life such as sitting in front of a computer, watching prolonged periods of television and an increasing incidence of poor posture – particularly forward head posture. Problems within the neck can also cause headache, shoulder pain, TMJ or jaw pain, pins and needles in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain. We encourage you to contact us for a thorough assessment with one of our Chiropractors if you regularly experience any of the following,: In the am you may wake up with a sore


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